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    Ещё одна порция британского сленга

    С еще одной порцией разговорного британского сленга сегодня вас познакомит Сэмьюэл.

    I was in two parts of the UK last summer; in London, and in Northern Ireland. But what kind of slang is common to these two areas? Previously, I introduced to you some slang that is known throughout the British Isles. This is a second and final list of yet more popular words:

     HAVE A NOSEY (NOSE) — to have a quick look
    Ooh, let’s have a nosey in this shop for a minute.

     JOE BLOGGS — a typical, average man
    Any Joe Bloggs on the street could tell you who the Queen is.

     KNACKERED — very tired
    When we finally got home, I was completely knackered.

     NUMPTY — a foolish person or idiot
    Michael, you’re a total numpty, that’s the wrong type of coffee for that machine.

     NOT MY CUP OF TEA — not something I like
    Cricket is just not my cup of tea.

     SKIVE — to not go to work or school, pretending to be sick
    The two lads were caught skiving around the back of the building.

     SLAG — to make fun of someone
    You really shouldn’t slag your best friend like that.

     SNOG — a passionate kiss (also a verb)
    The couple were seen snogging during the company’s Christmas party.

     TALK RUBBISH — talk nonsense
    Would you stop talking rubbish, it’s not going to rain tomorrow.

     TAKE THE MICKEY — to tease someone
    His brothers really took the mickey out of him for wearing the strange hat.

     TWIT — an idiot
    What a twit you are!

     WIND UP — to joke with someone
    All right, all right, calm down! I was only winding you up.

     ZONKED — very tired and ready to fall sleep
    I am zonked. I’m going straight to bed, right now.

    I hope you enjoy this fun little list and insight into English in the UK.

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