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    Getting a job as
    an English teacher
    in Siberia, Russia

    Today, barriers of language, culture and geography divide people around the world. Teaching English abroad will break down those barriers for everyone.

    By teaching with BigAppleSchool, you can help people of all nationalities and ages improve their English, communicate more efficiently, get a better job opportunity and become citizens of the world.

    Why to choose Siberia?

    Siberia — it’s a vast territory stretching out from the Urals till the mountains at the Pacific Ocean coast. Siberia is the only region where you can find the Arctic-Alpine vegetation alongside Northern forests and the steppes.

    The nature of Siberia has a great number of beautiful places, such as Lake Baikal, mountains in Altai, Sheregesh and Krasnoyarsk, as well as forests and fields of Novosibirsk region.

    What makes Novosibirsk unique

    Novosibirsk is the heart of Siberia. As the 3rd largest city in Russia it has everything you can find in a capital - all types of business, industries, culture, etc. At the same time it is a cozy town, which is not as hectic as Moscow or Saint Petersburg.

    Our city is listed in the Guinness World Records book as the fastest growing millionaire city. It is considered the cultural center of Siberia and is recognized as an important cultural sight of Russia.

    Novosibirsk statistics

    Average cost of living in Novosibirsk

    20 000 ₽
    Mobile & internet
    1 000 ₽
    2 000 ₽
    5 000 ₽
    12 000 ₽

    About the school

    Language center BigAppleSchool has been providing educational services in Novosibirsk since 2010. It is a unique place in the heart of the city, which built a friendly international community, consisting of highly professional teachers and students who love studying English.

    These days, the company employs teachers from the USA, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, Nigeria, Russia, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

    6 323
    students in
    our community
    Our teachers hold

    Ten effective programs
    of learning English

    9 years
    of quality and
    successful work

    How do we teach students?

    There are several types of educational programs in our school, such as general English, intensive courses and one-to-one classes. We use modern teaching methods, e.g., TPRS, Total Physical Response, Focal Skills, Natural Approach, etc. The academic department monitors the learning process in order to help both teachers and students achieve better results.

    Our goals 

    One of the main goals of BigAppleSchool is to bring together people who are passionate about English and provide them with opportunities to study, practice and use the language in real life. Our skilled and enthusiastic teachers organize, hold and actively participate in different events and activities for students, which helps to build our international community.

    Who are our students?

    Kids and teens

    We teach children aged 4 to 18. Young learner and teen education is very important because you help kids not only learn English, but also acquire the skills they will need further in life.


    By teaching adults, you get the freedom of equal communication. When you work with adults, you learn from them, you make new friends and gain opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. 

    Corporate clients

    Being in a business environment, you discover new opportunities. During your work in different companies, you will find out from the inside how they are arranged and learn the international business culture.


    Work conditions

    BigAppleSchool is a friendly international company. Most of our classes are held in a comfortable modern office in the city centre. In our school you will find everything you need for teaching – from up-to-date course books, ready-made lesson plans and office supplies to unlimited freshly brewed coffee and free snacks. All you need is to love English and share that passion with your students.

    Methodological support

    We try to make the working process easier. All teachers are equipped with ready-made lesson plans. Our materials, as well as lesson schedules, syllabuses and feedback forms are available online from any device. Teachers have constant support from the academic department while preparing for and delivering lessons. For the teacher's convenience, the administrators try to efficiently distribute their workload.

    Teacher is the face of the company

    Our teachers are professionals who are eager to share their experience with students. In order to do it, teachers give lectures and seminars, organize workshops and master classes, shoot videos, publish educational articles, record a weekly podcast, and hold competitions for students. Positive testimonials from students is the best reward for our job. 

    BigAppleSchool teachers

    Brian Brenner
    Brian Brenner
    Arlington, USA

    Hi! I moved to Novosibirsk from Texas. I love the Russian culture and language is something I’m doing my best to understand. Communication is important and that is why I enjoy teaching English and sharing my culture with students.

    Inga Arakelyan
    Inga Arakelyan
    Gyumri, Armenia

    Hi, everyone! I love teaching English because I get excited when I see the results of my students and their happy faces! Communication is the most important tool to understand people. When you can do it in a foreign language it’s a double pleasure!

    Ken Amante
    Ken Amante
    Manila, Philippines

    Hello, everyone! I'm an English teacher from the Philippines. I've been teaching for more than 10 years now. I'm proud to say that I've been able to help many students achieve their goals in English. I'd be happy to share my expertise with you.

    Maria Usachenko
    Maria Usachenko
    Novokuznetsk, Russia

    Hello. I've been teaching English for 13 years and the more I teach, the more I enjoy doing it. I like sharing my enthusiasm for English with my students, I love helping them in language acquisition and enjoy seeing their progress.

    Mike Kang
    Mike Kang
    Sydney, Australia

    Greetings from Sydney, Australia! I arrived in Siberia to enjoy its rich history and boundless nature. Look forward to meeting you in class to share our stories, opinions and help you improve your fluency in the one & only global language: English.

    Barbara Fortier
    Barbara Fortier
    Atlanta, USA

    Hello! I’m from the US and finally fulfilling my dream to teach English in Russia! I chose Novosibirsk because of its location and famous ballet theatre is cradled in a big Siberian city. What could be better? Eager to meet our Russian English Language Learners!

    Stephen Beet
    Stephen Beet
    Mansfield, UK

    Hello, I am from near Manchester in the North of England and have been a teacher for many years. I have taught in Russia for fifteen years and am still very enthusistic and excited about teaching my pupils and helping them become fluent speakers of English.

    Natalia Koroleva
    Natalia Koroleva
    Oskemen, Kazakhstan

    I've been teaching English for 20 years. I love doing my job. I'm happy when my students are making progress and getting results. The English language is a wonderful world. It gives the opportunity to socialise with people from different countries and make friends.

    John Hare
    John Hare
    Carshalton, UK

    Greetings from England! I have come to Russia to continue to learn Russian language and find out more about country I have always fascinated by. In exchange I would like to help people here to learn my mother tongue and to share my culture with students.

    Vladimir Yelakov
    Vladimir Yelakov
    Oskemen, Kazakhstan

    Hello, everyone! I’ve been teaching English for almost 12 years. I feel passionate about my job and I think teaching a foreign language is not just teaching grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. It's teaching another way to think about things.

    Nina Harchenko
    Nina Harchenko
    Novokuznetsk, Russia

    Hello! I consider teaching as modern magic which helps people all over the world share their ideas and interests. The way is hard sometimes but with an experienced guide you can make it and my target as a guide is to show you all the beauty of English.

    Gary Lukas
    Gary Lukas
    Cleveland, USA

    Hello! I am a longtime resident of Novosibirsk. I have had a lot of opportunities to teach my native language in beautiful perfect American English, here in the capital of Siberia! Language is play, it is fun whatever a student's goals may be, I am here to help.

    Eugene Ermakov
    Eugene Ermakov
    Novosibirsk, Russia

    Hi, there! I am a CELTA qualified teacher. To me each student is a whole universe so teaching is akin to travelling and exploring new worlds. Get ready for a journey of a lifetime and I will help you discover the new you!

    Michael Adio
    Michael Adio
    Jos, Nigeria

    Hello! I'm the teacher of English. I come to Novosibirsk from Nigeria, where English is the official language. I have been teaching English in Russia for 8 years and I consider teaching Russian students English to be a great privilege.

    Samuel Potts
    Samuel Potts
    Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Hello from Northern Ireland! I'm here pursuing my interest in the Russian language and culture. I enjoy sharing my native language and experiences with the passionate English learners. I love helping my students to achieve their goals.

    Katerina Rudykh
    Katerina Rudykh
    Novosibirsk, Russia

    Hi! I'm a person for whom teaching is life rather than work and I've been doing it for six years now, while also constantly trying to improve. It is both my way to explore and to show you the world. So join me on this insightful and exciting adventure!

    Ryno Reichert
    Ryno Reichert
    Cape Town, South Africa

    Hello from Cape Town, South Africa! I am visiting Russia for a while and teaching has always been a passion of mine. Now I can experience your beautiful country and teach English to eager students. I look forward to seeing you at one of my lessons!

    Yuliya Speroff
    Yuliya Speroff
    Seattle, USA

    Greetings! I'm a professional language teacher with a CELTA and a DELTA. I love teaching and seeing the progress my students make! I've lived in several countries including New Zealand and Turkey where I spent 3 years teaching English at a university, but most recently I've been living in the USA.

    Ian Minderman
    Ian Minderman
    Louisville, USA

    Hey there! I'm Ian from America. I have been teaching English in many countries for almost four years now. I like teaching in fun and creative ways, because I can't stand boring, droning classes! Now I am super excited to come to Russia and teach you!

    Lucas Chagas
    Lucas Chagas
    Salvador, Brazil

    Hello, everyone! I'm from Brazil. I got my BA in English as a Foreign Language last year, but I've been teaching the language for 5 years. I came all the way here hoping I can actually learn Russian and, of course, to share my knowledge with you guys.

    David Huffman
    David Huffman
    Florida, USA

    Hi, guys! I moved to Novosibirsk from Florida. I’m very excited to be here because I want to learn Russian as much as you want to learn English. I have wanted to live in Russia for many years now, so being here is a dream come true.

    Salary & benefits package

    • Sponsored legal work visa
    • 5 work days a week (up to 35 working hours)
    • Paid annual leave
    • Bonus pays based on work performance

    • Relocation assistance, apartment search support or paid apartment rent
    • Training and development programs
    • Freedom of being creative at work


        • Planning and delivering lessons to students
        • Evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement
        • Writing educational articles for the school blog
      • Assisting in the material development process
      • Participating in extra-curricular activities with students


      • Bachelor’s or Master's degree
      • TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate
      • Teaching experience of at least one year is necessary
      • Passport issued by the USA, the UK, the European Union, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand
        • Available to live abroad for at least 1 year

    How to become a teacher at BigAppleSchool?

    CV or Resume
    Send your CV (Resume) with a Covering Letter and copies of your certificates using the feedback form below.
    Once we have received your CV (Resume), you will be notified by Email of a Skype or telephone interview.
    Offer & Acceptance
    Successful applicants will be presented with a job offer. Upon acceptance of our job offer, we will begin your placement process.
    Visa Processing
    The visa application process may require certain documentation confirmation. Our HR managers will walk you through this process.
    The school representative will pick you up at the airport and help you to get settled into your life as a teacher at BigAppleSchool.