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    Британские сленговые слова и выражения

    Кто, как не Сэм, знает всё о родном британском сленге? Сегодня он обучит нас разговорному английскому прямиком с улиц Соединенного Королевства.

    Previously we discussed some slang words which are popular in Northern Ireland, but what if you are going to another place in the U.K. or are travelling about the country?

    Have a look at this list of well-known British slang words:

     Brill — short for brilliant
    The World Cup was brill, but I was disappointed that England didn’t win.

     Bugger all — practically nothing
    I’m tired today; I’ve done bugger all.

     Chuffed — very pleased
    I was so chuffed that I found my old superhero t-shirt.

     Cheerio — a version of goodbye
    Oh, cheerio, see you next week.

     Do one’s nut — annoying me
    The kids have been doing my nut in all morning.

     Daft — silly or stupid
    Our teacher’s acting really daft today, she sang a song really loudly for no reason.

     Dear — means expensive
    The football tickets are so dear, I don’t think we’ll go.

     Fluke — something that happens by chance
    It’s normally just a fluke if he scores a goal.

     Full of beans — full of energy
    My little niece is full of beans this morning.

     Gaffer — a boss or foreman (especially on a building site)
    The gaffer is watching, quick, do some work.

     Gobsmacked — amazed
    I was gobsmacked that there was such hot weather this summer.

     Gutted — upset or disappointed
    Most of my friends were gutted when England lost the cricket.

     Hard cheese — bad luck
    It’s just my hard cheese that I would lose my wallet on a busy train.

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