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    Разница между словами «House» и «Home»

    Обучая английскому языку студентов, Дэвид очень любит приводить примеры синонимичных слов и объяснять их значения и различия. Сегодня он расскажет о разнице между словами «House» и «Home».

    «House» and «home» are two words that are similar in meaning, but used differently. The main difference between them is that the word «house» is usually used to represent a physical object. House refers to a building in which someone lives and is a permanent structure, so this would not be used to refer to a tent.

    In contrast, «home» is usually something abstract, a place in your mind. When we say, «Let’s go home», we are probably not talking simply about going to the physical structure where you live. We are talking about being in the special place where we feel we belong; a place where we feel at ease, comfortable, and happy. For this reason, it is often used to refer to the country or city you are from. In addition, «home» has other grammatical functions: as an adverb and as an adjective.

    Here are some examples as an adverb:

    After school he went straight home (straight to his home/house).
    His wife is on her way home from work.
    They liked coming home to a tidy house after vacation.
    I'd rather stay home and watch a movie than go to the theater.
    The children are ready to go home.

    And some examples of it as an adjective:

    The children have an enriching home life.
    He gave her his home phone number.
    They bought a new home entertainment center.
    She always enjoyed home cooking when she visited her family.

    Note that when we use the word «go» home is used as an adverb, so we say «go home». When we aren’t talking about movement, we can say, «I’m at home» meaning the place that is mine.

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